Using OKX Account

If you have an account with the global exchange OKX and your account has completed KYC, you can use SmashFi right away. You can proceed as follows:

  1. web page, click on One-Click Login in the upper right corner, and select Login with OKX.

  1. On the Connect SmashFi with your OKX account page, enter your OKX account information. (This is a necessary step for the initial linkage with your OKX account, and your personal information such as your account password will not be stored in SmashFi)

  1. Complete the 2FA authentication.

  1. Finally, accept the authorization request while linking OKX and SmashFi. (Check the Read Only option)

That's it! The initial exchange linking and login have been completed without complex KYC information input. You can repeat the same process each time you use SmashFi in the future. (If the exchange account is already logged in, you can log in without entering account information and 2FA.)

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